Anita Travers

Hi, my name is Anita Hannigan. I am co owner/manager here at Happy Days. I have worked in childcare for many years now. I first returned to work when the youngest of my five children was three years old. I had worked in childcare for a short period of time when I first began working so this is the area I was returning to. I worked in a regional youth service with preschool, afterschool and teenage children. This led me to gain a qualification in childcare, fetac level 5 and then onto level 6 & 7.

After two and a half years of work and study I moved on to work in an afterschool service. There was no specific qualification for this area at the time so I studied assisting in the classroom, also fetac level 5. School aged childcare was a relatively new concept here in Ireland so there was a lot of learning ahead. I soon went on to become senior staff and then manager in the service.

This is when I met my partner and friend, Tara Healy. Both of us had ideas of working for ourselves and having the best quality childcare available in the area. We have had a long, challenging but happy road to where we are today. We have been very fortunate in finding the team of professionals who we work with every day.

We strive to make every child’s day a happy day. We achieve this by monitoring and assessing our children’s changing needs and constantly reviewing our policies and procedures. This is along with continuing our training to ensure we are aware of changing regulations and good practice.

Childcare is a fantastic area to work in. Children are a constant joy and watching them learn and grow is a great honour.

Garda Vetting status – Obtained

Positions: Manager, Owner